USA Medical Case Study

USA MedicalBackground

The field of diabetic meters is crowded.  There are many companies trying to capitalize on the fact that Medicare will cover the costs of most diabetic supplies.  The competition is intense and as America ages, this market is becoming more valuable.

The client, USA Medical, also needed to introduce the latest in diabetic meter technology.  The “talking meter” was a new breakthrough and assisted seniors with auditory support, by not only displaying the glucose reading but also by “speaking” the information aloud.  This feature helped seniors with accuracy and clarity.

What was needed was distinction: a way to separate USA Medical from a very crowded field and also a clear and concise way to announce the new technological breakthrough.


There was a catch.  The client felt, and we agreed, that showing any kind of blood draw or actual “finger pricks” raised a negative emotion that was detrimental to the positive feelings they wished to portray. This meant traditional DR demos were out of the question.

We created a trustworthy spokesperson the target demographic could immediately connect with, warm, kind, and reliable.  He would also serve as a responsible person to introduce the new technology as well.

In addition, we pioneered what is today a common technique.  As the spokesperson listed the features, the list was graphically created next to him as he spoke.  This clear form of communication is based on the proven fact that people remember 70% of what you see and hear together and helped seniors fully understand the features and benefits.


This spot became the most successful lead generation the media company had ever produced.  High call volume, and very strong conversion rates were a large part of the success, but it went further.  The feedback was strong enough for the company to branch out, in to other medically based products and services.

Another success?  This spot became the model for a number of similar spots in the industry.

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