Telemarketing & Fulfilment

Are you new to this? We aren’t. It seems obvious, but if the product never arrives at their house… then…the product doesn’t arrive at their house. Our “response logistics team” will work with you to set up the delivery portion of your brand response program, assuring the maximum success of your campaign.

  • Telemarketing and Fulfillment Vendor Selection – project assessment and supplier recommendation
    Selecting the right team to deliver your product is just as important as picking the right people to create the commercial. We can help you assess these options and choose the most effective supplier, vendor, and telemarketing team for your brand or product.

  • Telemarketing and Fulfillment Rate Negotiation – discounted rates negotiated due to our volume of business
    Like everything else, price and quality don’t always go hand-in-hand. We have extensive experience in this area and can work with you to ensure that the company selected to telemarket your product has both the experience and know-how to do so.

  • Inbound Telemarketing – script development and up-sell recommendations
    Your new consumer has made the call: now what? We don’t want them to slip away after all the money and time you’ve spent to get them on the phone. Remember, this is the first “live” point of contact for your brand. Those first impressions mean a great deal. We work with you to create the “talk track” (a script using the most effective words) to help you complete the sale and leave a lasting positive impression.

  • Inventory Call Analysis
    Accurate and intelligible reporting capabilities allow us to effectively track responses down to the individual spot level, in addition to creating dozens of useful analytical report formats.

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