Magic Mesh Case Study

Magic Mesh "Magic Mesh"Background

We are always presented with a wide range of new products for which we make commercials, but when one of our partners brought us Magic Mesh we found it genuinely unique. It fulfilled the classic DRTV requirement as stated in our 101 DRTV checklist: an obvious problem/solution, great price, demos well, and mass appeal.

While this is a case study in tradition, it also showed an interesting demographic shift that is atypical for short form DR.


The decision was to utilize the most fundamental aspect of direct response: the formula. Problem/solution, features and benefits, strong offer, a bonus premium, and a call to action.

But if you look closely you’ll see an interesting thing. It isn’t “cheesy.” Today’s consumer wants to buy from TV and is happy to do so, but the look and the feel of the spot can’t be “corny” and needs to reflect a more refined sensibility, something closer to traditional advertising.


Magic Mesh was a very successful spot last year, ranking high in sales and strongly supporting retail. This is particularly remarkable considering it’s a seasonal product. Early spring testing has it well on its way to being a very popular spot and more increased sales this season.

This product is breaking a trend in direct response; it’s appealing to buyers in more affluent zip codes. Traditionally, DR hasn’t appealed to those in that demographic, but mosquitoes don’t discriminate and neither does Magic Mesh.

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